Arrowtown and Coronet Peak

Arrowtown is one of my favourite places to spend time in NZ.  It’s a bit tourist-focused, but I find it really relaxing and the variety of food, as always, makes me really happy.

On our last full day in NZ, we wanted to make sure we had the opportunity to see snow (and build a snowman!), and I figured a quick trip out to Arrowtown for brunch followed by a trip up the hill to Coronet Peak to play in the snow would make for a fantastic day out.


We began by having brunch at the Chop Shop.  Our wonderful wine-tour guide Liz had suggested it, and considering the day we spent with her earlier in the week I was very happy to adhere to her recommendations.


After wandering around town briefly, it was clear that we were all eager to get up to the peak to play in the snow.  I had emailed the operators in the weeks leading up to our visit to gauge the likelihood that the slopes would be open any earlier than the 13th.  They were apologetic but let me know that if we wanted to come up and muck about in the snow that we were more than welcome.


It actually snowed – real, proper snow falling out of the sky – and we were all giddy.

We took turns butt-tobogganing down the side of our hill and it almost ended in hilarious tragedy a few times.  Joel nearly took out our snowman a few times, and Rachel almost met her end twice – once when Joel unceremoniously crashed into her, and the other when she almost butt-tobogganed over the side.  It probably would’ve ruined our day if she had indeed plunged to her death.





Our snowman turned out better than I’d expected.  We all had pretty limited snowman construction experience but I think we did an excellent job.  Tim got a bit attached and was really sad when it came time to perform a controlled demolition:




Tate and Tim realised that they were hankering for another trip to the ice skating rink, so we went for one last skate before sitting down to a tremendous final dinner in Queenstown at Ivy and Lola’s.




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