We got to the airport early.

I’d had a lot of trouble sleeping  (I remember waking up to check the clock four times) and was eager to make sure we got to the airport without me falling asleep.  After a makeshift hotel-room breakfast, we set off.  We were early.  Really early.  First people in the airport except for staff early.

Packing essentials
Packing essentials

Tim was as patient as ever, and we passed the time by levelling our pokemon.


I had come down with something on Saturday afternoon, the day before we were to depart on our exciting holiday and it really caught up with me on Sunday morning, so I took the opportunity to sleep as much as possible on the flight.


Upon arrival, we enjoyed a heated train, topped up our ICOCA cards, bought our first BOSS coffee, dumped our bags at the hotel and went for the first of many walks around Osaka.  To try and cure my sickness, we stopped at a store to buy some c1000 and the gentleman behind the counter gave us warm change – amazing service, if intentional!  We played some taiko, saw a cat, stopped by UNIQLO and enjoyed night ramen back at our hotel before turning in.





4 thoughts on “Japanniversary”

    1. It was literally empty when we got on!

      And same – I’m all about jumper / scarf / beanie / glove weather!!

  1. I have only recently become interested in visiting Japan so I can’t wait to hear and see more of your trip! Please record any and all okonomiyaki you have while you’re there. Safe travels. x

    1. Thank you! I will link you to our upcoming onokomiyaki pictures! I recommend it as a holiday destination (obviously) and I think it would be easy enough to get around with a little one in tow here.

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