Kaiyukan 2016

I have visited Kaiyukan a number of times during my many trips to Osaka and have always enjoyed it immensely.  It is invariably full of pushy tourists and children with sticky hands but the fish always make me feel surprisingly relaxed and calm.


The aquarium is focused on the Pacific Rim and has 10 or 15 tanks  each dedicated to a specific region.  These ‘regions’ wind down in a spiral around the outside of a much larger tank that is supposed to represent the Pacific Ocean.  The main tank boasts a pair of incredible whale sharks, for whom I oscillate between marvelling at and feeling dreadful for due to their captivity.



When I learned that Mark and Belinda would be in Osaka with enough time to spare to visit Kaiyukan, I knew they had to come with us.

So many fish hiding just below the surface of the water!  This tank represents the Great Barrier Reef.



Kaiyukan is home to many of my favourite creatures (including otters – sea and fresh water, pengwings and seals!) but I usually tend to spend a lot of my time watching the terrifying spider crabs and captivating jellyfish.


I sped this video up quite a bit because they move slowly.  It’s  much scarier in regular motion.  So insidious.  They have these really slow and intense crab battles.



We ended our day by saying goodbye to Mark and Belinda, and headed back to Osaka for a nice rope picnic before bed.


Fair warning – the rest of this post is just (relaxing) photos of jellyfish and plants.

IMGP8559 IMGP8572 IMGP8578 IMGP8581 IMGP8598 IMGP8619 IMGP8620


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