Koyasan 2016 – Part Three

We spent one evening at Jimyo-in.  I stayed there last time I visited Koyasan and wanted to share the experience with Tim.  The temple hadn’t changed – still immaculate with beautiful furnishings and peaceful views from each room.



Dinner was served promptly at 6pm by a monk who was balancing several trays of delicious food to feast upon.  The highlight was probably the tempura!  There were a few things we didn’t enjoy, and when the monk came back I practiced my Japanese and pointed out which things weren’t to our taste.  He thought it was funny, Tim nearly died of shame.


Post dinner, another monk came to our room and laid out the futons.  I immediately climbed into bed with the intention of looking at photos but found myself drifting off in no time.


We awoke early the next morning to attend prayer.  I had primed Tim for a really serious spiritual experience – like nothing he had ever seen before.  Well…


I was laughing and shuddering and shaking in my seat so hard that Tim alternated between shushing me / joining me in quiet laughter for a good while.  We returned to our room for breakfast, and then made our way to Nara.

Jimyo-in breakfast


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