Melbourne Weekend

Tim and I snuck down to Melbourne this weekend to see the Degas exhibition and to take Rufus on his first road trip.

Detour to visit Dog on the Tucker Box

Melb_1 IMGP6502 Melb_4


Tim in two homes away from home.  When we arrived to the Airbnb and booked we were both blown away by how lovely it was and vowed to redecorate our place in kind the second we arrived home.

IMGP6545 IMGP6549

Dinner at Tsukiji. I could spend all night writing about this place. The owner / chef was incredibly friendly and the food was amazing. Cheap and cheerful and if we lived here I would probably drop by a few times a week.


Thanks Melbourne.  We had a blast.

4 thoughts on “Melbourne Weekend”

  1. I enjoyed living in Melbourne. You look as though you did enjoy your time away. Did the furry babies greet you with open arms on your return? ❤️

    1. Nibbler was as standoffish as always but the other two were very friendly. Morbo was extremely excited to see me.

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