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Melbourne Weekend

Tim and I snuck down to Melbourne this weekend to see the Degas exhibition and to take Rufus on his first road trip.

Detour to visit Dog on the Tucker Box

Melb_1 IMGP6502 Melb_4


Tim in two homes away from home.  When we arrived to the Airbnb and booked we were both blown away by how lovely it was and vowed to redecorate our place in kind the second we arrived home.

IMGP6545 IMGP6549

Dinner at Tsukiji. I could spend all night writing about this place. The owner / chef was incredibly friendly and the food was amazing. Cheap and cheerful and if we lived here I would probably drop by a few times a week.


Thanks Melbourne.  We had a blast.

Himeji 2016

After a wonderful evening of wandering around Osaka and stuffing ourselves silly with okonomiyaki, we woke up bright and early on Tuesday morning to head out to Himeji with Mark and Belinda.



We were lucky we went early.  As per my last visit, the grounds were brimming with people.  Although the wait to enter the castle was shorter, it felt a lot more squished / cramped inside.  I refrained from taking many interior photos.


We headed back to Osaka to visit Kaiyukan – perhaps my favourite aquarium on the planet (sorry, Underwater World).


Osaka 2016 – Part One

We had a couple of spare days in Osaka which gave us the opportunity to wander around town and visit some of my favourite places.

Our first stop was for melon pan and it was DELICIOUS.  One of my favourite breakfasts while we were in Osaka.

Next, we visited Neko no Jikan – cat hour!  I’ve posted about it previously from my last visit with mum.

The current kitty cat roster.


After the cat cafe we wandered around Amemura.




We stopped in Shinsaibashi for treats..


And we finished up our evening with more food and a quick stop at the SEGA arcade.


Nara 2016 – Day Three

Tim and I set off from our accommodation in Nara quite early after another amazing breakfast.  He was keen to do some drawing, and I was super excited to play with and take photos of millions of deer.  There was a shrine that I wanted to visit between our hotel and the park as I’d heard that the cherry blossoms were already in bloom and beautiful.

Our last Nara breakfast
Overlooking Nara from the roof of our accommodation.
Himuro shrine – super cute hand painted map on the right for parking

Himuro shrine

As we walked to the park we realised that it was colder than we’d anticipated – blisteringly cold.  Cue both of us becoming pink cheeked and red nosed immediately.

Despite our best attempts to beat the crowds, it was already tourist city in Nara koen, so we bought some rice cakes for the deer and wandered somewhere quiet so Tim could draw and I could take photos of every single deer in the park.  Especially the baby ones.


I made friends with a very hungry, extremely persistent deer and named her best friend.  She was following me around for a while and then suddenly, without warning, she left me.

Best friend and I. She had the pudgiest little deer face :> <3 <3

For this guy:

It was fair.  He had all the food.  I wasn’t too disappointed.  I mean, I was a bit disappointed.  I felt a bit better when I realised that all the babies were wandering over for a feed and when I saw this:


After a while it became too cold for Tim to draw, so he helped me take some photos with the deer.

The shot.  Peaceful water, peaceful shika.

Bye, deer friend!

We slowly made our way to the station to head back into Osaka, stopping every five seconds to take more photos.