I learned a lot during this year’s CrumpXXXmas.

  1. Wallabies are the cutest animals in the world.  Not even sorry, Nibby.
  2. Jaffles are amazing.  Camping jaffles are a fine art.
    1. Elliot is a jaffle artist.
    2. Put canned chilli from ALDI on the jaffle with some cheese.
  3. I need to spend more time away from my phone.
  4. Always climb the freezing waterfall.

We make an effort to get the group together at least once a year for our CrumpXXXmas event, and this year we decided to go camping.

I know, it seems like a very unlikely group to camp with considering our predilection for dark rooms with powerful computers and high speed internet.  The camp site we chose was located in Watagans national park – it was lovely and flat, quiet, and convenient to a walking track that lead to an amazing waterfall.  Although there was no running water or even (gasp!) mobile phone reception, we were lucky enough to have access to drop toilets.


Upon arrival at the campground I noticed a posse of wallabies nearby and promptly forgot about the boys / setting up / talking to other humans.  We eventually named this little lady Jay-Z, and she stuck with us for most of the trip.  I would have brought her home if I didn’t think it would cause tension with the cats.


We went for a couple of walks down to the nearby Gap Creek waterfall:

I made the boys pose heaps and heaps:



Tim took the opportunity to make some plein air paintings:


Jeremy demonstrated his mad LED skills by decking out our camp with the most amazing camp lighting:


We also took many photos of Jarrod enjoying a Harcourt’s cider:


And we celebrated Elliot’s birthday with a hacked together chocolate cake masterpiece:


Love you guys.

Milford Sound 2015

Getting out to Milford Sound during this trip was always going to be a bit.. tricky.  At least half of the group were not especially fond of waking up early early, or long car trips.  I managed to convince everyone by promising that Milford Sound is an incredible sight, and woke up extra early to make everyone a delicious breakfast.

A snap from our visit to Milford Sound in 2013. It’s pretty pretty.

There was also the promise of snow.

Tate and I had been obsessively checking the weather app on our smartphones for up-to-the-minute snow predictions- “it’s going to snow at 9PM!  it’s snow… it’s supposed to be snowing now!” – but they proved to be mostly inaccurate.  This wasn’t the case for the road between Te Anau and Milford, which had been inundated with snow the previous evening and had been closed until further notice.

It was before sunrise and extremely cold outside, but sleepy and with full bellies, we set off.  We chatted briefly while settling in on the road, but as soon as we were properly on our way, everyone quickly nodded off.  About half an hour into our trip, the conditions changed and I realised that IT WAS ACTUALLY SNOWING OUTSIDE.  I advised the sleepy inhabitants of the car and Rachael let me know that there was no way it was actually snowing.  Carried away with childish excitement, I abruptly pulled the car over and convinced everyone to wake up and enjoy the snow with me.  Tate and Tim obliged:

Look how happy he is!
Tate was pretty stoked.
As we approached Te Anau I was treated to a wonderful sunrise.
As we approached Te Anau I was treated to a wonderful sunrise.

Not satisfied with stopping the car once to jump around in falling snow, I made an executive decision to pull over again when we were closer to Te Anau.  In my defense, we were making excellent time and everyone was awake enough to enjoy it.  I took the opportunity to Facetime with mum and show her the amazing snow.

We stopped briefly in Te Anau to enjoy some local coffee (it was fine) and to check the status of the road.  We consulted some tour operators that were in the cafe and they agreed that the best course of action was to head out to where the road was closed and wait for it to open – the worst possible outcome would be that we’d get to see some beautiful countryside and then have to come back.

We drove for about half an hour, and then all of a sudden there was SNOW.  EVERYWHERE.

Naturally, I forced everyone out of the car to play in the snow.  Again.

Milford2 milford1

After we had satisfied my urges to play in the snow, we were back on our way out to Milford Sound.  We had been warned that the gate was still locked, and as we approached the tunnel there was a long row of cars, doors open, with tourists hurriedly fitting snow chains.  We followed suit (and became experts in snow chain application) and were on our way again.  We realised that the van in front of us was operated by the same company as our boat tour, so I followed it all the way to the terminal and threw Rachel out of the car to make sure the boat didn’t leave while we were parking and running to the terminal.

We made it!